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1st Thursday Wellbeing Hour – Writing for Wellbeing

Join us for the 1st Thursday Wellbeing Hour

Writing for wellbeing
– learn how to free write

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3rd February 2022

12 – 1pm


Ali McDowall

Photographed by Emma Croman

    Creative Director & Founder


The Positive Planners

Come and listen to Ali’s insights on how we can empower ourselves through the written word

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Ali McDowall is the Co-Founder of The Positive Planner. As the Creative Director of the Company she leads the product development side of the business and also curates workshops on how creative writing and expression in other forms can positively impact our lives. Her own experience of low mental health was the catalyst to create something that could help others make theirs a priority. Self care, gratitude, resilience and emotional literacy all play a big part in the journals and workshops and hope to install users with the toolbox to keep themselves mentally healthy.

1st Thursday Wellbeing Hour
  • Learn, explore & discover with Key Opinion Leaders
  • Gain insights to best practice in the world of workplace mental health
  • On the 1st Thursday of every month we’ll be asking Key Opinion Leaders to share their wisdom
  • We’ll ask you to get involved in break out discussion groups and feedback to the floor
It’s free, share with your colleagues and come along!



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@HeadtorchAmy Looking forward to this, going to be a cracker :)

About 6 months ago

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