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CRUNCH & Learn – Mental Health Awareness Campaign

CRUNCH & Learn!

Creative Lunching at work
– it’s back!


An easy to implement, cost-free campaign,  for
Mental Health Awareness Week 13-19 May 2019

Last year, organisations up and down the UK took part in Crunching
AIG, BAE Systems, Leidos, PepsiCo, Webhelp and many more –
it was so successful we’re doing it again

When you engage in

Crunch & Learn

you will:

take a break from your work station,
grab your lunch, get together with colleagues and share your talents

With minimum effort, you’ll find yourself participating in the

5 Ways of Well-being

To find out more about this Cost-Free Campaign and receive your own

downloadable A3 or A4 poster

Contact us NOW

and get ready for the great week and the



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