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It’s Burn’s Night – Don’t be a Chelsie

It’s Burn’s Night – Chelsie’s back!

 “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!”  Robert Burns

Translated as: If only Chelsie could see hersel’ as others see her (click the image to see how).

For everybody’s sake, and our mental health:  Don’t be a Chelsie, on Burn’s Night or at work.

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Headtorch – creating positive mental health at work.

Chelsie just doesn’t see it, does she?

She’s missing a trick.  What is it they say?  A problem shared is a problem halved.  Yet Chelsie’s ego stops her from asking for clarification from the very people who have the answer.

We heard from a manager recently who was facing some difficulties at work.  She could have locked herself away in her office, churned the problems round and round in her head and worried herself to bits.  Instead, she knew instinctively that the best thing to do was to share the issues with her team.

“We’ve got a problem,” she said, “how can we resolve this?”

Of course, the team was more than happy to be involved.  In general, we like being kept in the picture don’t we?  We like to be asked our opinions and let’s face it, we’ve usually got one or two to offer!  How many times have you seen something new happening at work and thought, “I’ve got a much better solution to that – but no-one asked me.”

Unlike Chelsie, this manager had an open attitude, one which makes her and her team a tight unit.  What I particularly liked about her approach was her use of the word ‘we’.  It immediately says, ‘we’re in this together, let’s solve it together’.  It invites ownership, makes us feel valued and that’s great for everyone’s mental health.



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