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The Unexpected Life Coach

I thought to myself, ‘call Karen, she’ll know what I should do’.

I have thought this phrase so many times over the past 17 years I’ve lost count.  Karen is my ‘go to’ person for everything.

I don’t know how it started, how she became the first person I call when I need advice.

She has supported and advised me over everything! 

‘Karen, I want to set up my own business, let’s talk…’
‘I’m 24 single and pregnant…help!’
‘I have an amazing job opportunity, what do you think?’
‘I’ve not been feeling myself lately, are you free for a walk and coffee?’

Karen recently helped me with writing…I was stuck. She was the first person I asked.  No judging, no criticisms. Just honesty.

My life coach keeps me sane – this is her most important job.  She stops me from spiralling down and is there to pull me up.

Without even realising it, you probably have your own life coach, they could be an ex-colleague, childhood friend, sibling, parent or partner.  You may even have more than one.

Are you someone’s life coach without even knowing it?  This is how valuable they are – like stars in the daytime, always there for you even when you can’t see them.

They are there for you when you have a mountain to climb and celebrating with you when you get to the top.


We need to celebrate our life coaches more, who is that person or those people helping you through your tough times and celebrating your awesome ones.

Send us your tweets on how your life coach keeps you sane.



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