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Work’s Mental 15th November 2018 – Speakers Announced

The mental health at work conference announces an amazing line up of speakers.

Don’t miss this one, it’s going to be a cracker!


Dr Alys Cole-King

Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist

4 Mental Health & Connecting with People

Back in January, Alys was interviewed in The Guardian about the effects of stress in the workplace on NHS staff  “There is huge secrecy about admitting if you are struggling when you are a professional working in the NHS.” Dr Alys Cole-King

Follow Alys on twitter @AlysColeKing


Geoff Pic 1

Geoff McDonald

former Global VP HR Unilever

International Advocate, Campaigner & Consultant for Mental Health at Work

Co-Founder of Minds@Work

You can watch Geoff’s compelling presentation from Head Talks entitled Breaking the Corporate Stigma and hear how personal experience reshaped his approach to caring for his mind in the same way he cared for his body. In his own words, “I learned dental hygiene as a child but no one had taught me mental hygiene.”

Follow Geoff @geoffmcdonald1

Spotlight on our other speakers, coming soon…


James Jopling

Executive Director

Samaritans Scotland


Cat Crop

Catriona Paton

Detective Superintendent

Head of Border Policing Command

Organised Crime & Counter Terrorism Unit

Police Scotland



Kim Swift

Health and Wellness Manager

PepsiCo UK & Ireland  


Angie Small

Angie Strachan

Performance Poet



Amy McDonald

Founder & CEO Headtorch

MC for the event


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