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Senior Leaders Event: Mental Health – The Competitive Advantage

Mental Health – The Competitive Advantage

An Event for Senior Leaders


17:30 – 20:00, 27th April 2022

Keystone Law

48 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1JF

Cost free


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Join us for this interactive event, opened by Jane Wheeler, with Geoff McDonald, Amy McDonald, and Angus Robinson.

Together, we will consider:

  • why mental health must be a strategic priority
  • the key steps on the mental health journey
  • how wellbeing makes the difference to performance
  • the steps to make this happen

Investing in wellbeing leads to quantifiable performance improvements

The figures speak for themselves:

  • 8% increase in engagement score
  • instant increase in productivity
  • payback measured in months
  • 300% reduction in absence
  • transformation from the worst to the best Division
    … we could go on

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Jane Wheeler:

Partner at Keystone Law

Geoff McDonald:

Former VP HR Unilever, International Advocate, Campaigner & Consultant for
Mental Health at Work & Co-founder of Minds @ Work & Senior Advisor Headtorch

Amy McDonald & Angus Robinson: Headtorch CEO & Executive Chairman.

Whatever stage your organisation is at, Headtorch is dedicated to working with you to develop a positive workplace mental health culture.

Our objective: effectiveness. Our approach: creative, innovative, practical.




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