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Why saying ‘Ski and Do’ makes the difference

The last time I’d skied abroad with my sister was just before the pandemic turned our world upside down – two whole years ago.IMG-0935  This year, we were up for it big time and we weren’t disappointed.

The snow was magic and the warm sun shone out of the radiant blue sky every single day.  Let me tell you, having learnt to ski as a child in the unforgiving Scottish weather, skiing amongst the European trees, down the long and winding pistes, ‘au soleil’ is like heaven.

Despite all this, on day 3 I found myself losing confidence on the slopes, feeling fearful and unsure – the voice of doubt getting louder in my head.  I allowed myself to spiral downwards.

Is it just me or do a lot of us do this – go head first into the negativity instead of giving ourselves a jolt out of it?


It wasn’t until the next day that I remembered what I’d recently read – the Self-Affirmation Theory.

I’ve used affirmations off and on for many years however it was this article, recommended by our Clinical Director Dr Linda Craig, that brought home the science behind why they work,

“Ultimately, the practice of self-affirmation has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with science.”

Affirmations in and of themselves, don’t make the changes but as a result of repeatedly saying the good stuff to ourselves, we rewire our brain, build our confidence and it’s this that motivates us to take action.

Day four and off I go, whizzing down the slopes, repeating to myself that, “I am a confident skier!  I am a confident skier!  I am a confident skier!”

It worked.

What affirmations have kick-started you out of an avalanche of unhelpful thinking?

As an aside – when wearing a kilt, traditionally a Scotsman will carry a Sgian-Dubh, pronounced Ski and Do – it’s a sharp knife.   The handle sticks out of the Scotsman’s woolly, knee-length sock, ready for action – a concealed weapon.  It just struck me that affirmations are like a personal concealed weapon – one of powerful words, repeated over and over to ourselves, helping us reframe our thinking, building our confidence and spurring us on to action.

Note to self, pack ‘Affirmation Ski and Do’ – every day.  How can they help you to help yourself on workdays and holidays?





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